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The Syrnid Empire

Over 200 years ago humans first arrived in this world, eager to explore and settle the rich and fertile lands. Colonization quickly became conquest as each new civilization the humans encountered proved only ill-equipped to stand against the might of musket and canon. At the head of the human invasion rides General René François, a tireless tactician and a brilliant politician. Forging the conquered people into a Confederacy, the General relied on the might of gunpowder to bind together the fledgling empire.

Now, on the distant frontiers of the Confederacy, the city of Aquitrine sits as the bastion of human civilization in a forbidding wilderness filled with strange creatures and savage barbarians.

In the Northern swamps live the Hastett tribes who defeated the first confederate invasion but who now squabble and fight among themselves. To the south of Aquitrine sits the fae kingdom, aloof and mysterious this realm is polarized between the conflicts of the light and dark fey. In the southwest sits Stone-Hedge, the city of stone dwarves protected by a crystal lake. To the West sits ancient ruins, windswept mountains and deserts filled with golems and undead.

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