Aquitrine Nights

A Murder most foul
Or why we don't drink anything Ian gives us.
In Need of Security
Or why you never trust a bug with glasses

The story began with the characters aboard a ship coming up from the Port City to Aquitrine with supplies for the Monolith in tow. Ian was in the Crow’s nest keeping an eye out. Nate was on the deck with two of his followers keeping an eye on the supplies that were part of his project to build the monolith. Travis and Nidsa were traveling to aquitrine. Dresden was below the decks.

The boat was ambushed by a pack of marauders and their pet river squid. The boat shuddered to a halt as the squid climbed up the front of the boat and attacked travis. Meanwhile, on ropes, ambushers piled onto the boat and began attacking the passengers. Nidsa engaged with the leader of the ambushers taking a serious gut wound but dispatching the leader. Dresden summoned interplanar cat but was unable to control it and it attacked Jake who fought it off. The rest of the ambushers were dispatched and the river squid driven off.

On arrival in the city, Travis put on an exhibition of the martial skills of his warrior-monks. This gathered a large crowd who was impressed and spread the fame of the monastery. Meanwhile Ian stole jewelry from awed townsfolk.

Nate discovered that there was a serious lack of security on the monolith construction site and so pulled everyone together to travel to stone-hedge in search of additional help and money. The group began the journey to stone-hedge without complication until they arrived in the dark forest. The dark forest was known for man-eating trees that only moved at night and so the group found a circle of stones to sleep in. While on patrol a giant beatle wearing jeans and sunglasses approached the group and warned them that sleeping in such an area was an invitation to other bugs to eat them. The group thanked him and the beatle requested from Jake a coin that he had had in his possession for at least a week as reward. Without warning Travis shot the bug twice in the eyes killing it instantly. The group moved on quickly.

Arriving at the crystal lake where only stone floats, the group contracted the services of Biff the stone dwarf to assist them in crossing. Upon arrival in the city, word had already spread of nates arrival. Nate, Travis, and Ian went to speak to the city council where the acquired additional help and money. Meanwhile, Nidsa, Jake and Dresden went to a local bar. While at the bar some local stone dwarf thugs harassed them which escalated into a full brawl. Through disastrous luck the bar was completely destroyed in a fire by jake.

The group than left the city of stone-hedge. As they crossed the crystal lake, a rain of ashe settled over the lake. An ominous omen for the future.

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